Hagerty Garage + Social is the place for cars and camaraderie.

Fully-loaded automotive experience

Hagerty Garage + Social is more than just a place to store your cars. From a calendar full of unique social events to full-service maintenance and detailing, Garage + Social covers all aspects of collection management, as well as providing a space to celebrate car culture every day.

Gather with car people

Hagerty Garage + Social is open seven days a week and members are encouraged to stop by and hang out whenever they please. Think of Garage + Social as your clubhouse. Stop by, grab a coffee, admire some cars and hang out with fellow automotive enthusiasts.

Get out on the road

Members are invited to join us for social drives, track-days, tours and rallies. We’ll take care of the logistics and details; all you have to do is drive.

Welcome to the club

Every Garage + Social member will be automatically enrolled in Hagerty Drivers Club too. Drivers Club members receive an annual subscription to the award-winning Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, invitations to members-only events and experiences, amazing automotive discounts, and roadside assistance designed for classic and collector cars.

More membership perks

Buy + sell

As a registered pre-owned dealer, Garage + Social is staffed with seasoned professionals well versed in facilitating vehicle sales. Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell, we can help make it happen.

Keep learning

Garage + Social routinely hosts industry experts to speak about topics like vehicle care, performance, automotive history and more.

Fuel up

Enjoy monthly breakfasts where members can gather, share some coffee and bagels, and talk about all things automotive. Cars and coffee events are essential activities for automotive enthusiasts.

It’s all in the details

Our Garage + Social staff can help facilitate every single aspect of vehicle maintenance and care. Below are just some of the services we coordinate.
Our Garage + Social staff can help facilitate every single aspect of vehicle maintenance and care. Below are just some of the services we coordinate.

Washing and detailing

Our in-house detailing experts offer a wide range of options for keeping your car in perfect condition, from basic wash-n-wax to comprehensive detailing, a process that includes paint correction and nano-coating technology.

Repair and renew

Paintless dent removal is a unique process that removes all of those little (and not so little) dents that mar a car’s beauty, without the hassle or cost of a body shop repair.

Wheel and tire repair

Wheel and tire damage is inevitable; Garage + Social members can count on our network of the most capable professionals to quickly and efficiently handle these repairs, fixing everything from curb rash to bent wheels.

Local and long-distance transport

Whether your car flies south for the winter, you’re headed to a distant concours or you’ve acquired a new vehicle that needs a ride home, we facilitate covered car transport with the most trusted carriers around.

Ready to ride

When you schedule a pick-up for your vehicle, know that we have checked tire pressure and completed a visual vehicle inspection to make sure everything is good to go. All you need to do is show up and be ready to ride.

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